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Wish You Could Lead a More Effective And Engaging Small Group Discussion?
If you’re struggling to find an effective and engaging group discussion program that is fun and exciting for your small faith community, you’re not alone. Today, most Bible study programs are focused on just one book of the Bible. They offer a deep dive deep into scripture, however, interpretation can be difficult and the discussion questions may or may not apply to everyone's life, resulting in a loss of interest or lack of participation.

Group leaders and experts tell us that the most engaging and effective study involves "life-application" based on Jesus' core teachings.  Jesus is the greatest teacher and role model of all time.  He showed us time and time again how to lead lives based on love, forgiveness, service, and the "Golden Rule".

The Ten Testaments  are Jesus' "Top Ten" ways to "life-changing" benefits including more love, happier relationships and a deeper faith. 
I want to give you the book for FREE!
There’s no catch! I’m doing this because I want to help as many small groups as possible by showing them the "life-changing" benefits based on Jesus “Top-10” Teachings.

Scott Campbell
If you are trying to help others improve their lives through effective Bible study, then I can definitely help you. As a Bible study coach and author, I have helped thousands of people discover the benefits of leading
a life based on Jesus'  core teachings.
I've studied the Gospel of Jesus all 
of my adult life, and writing "The Ten Testaments" has been a journey that continues today.  Jesus' "Top 10" teachings have rescued and comforted me during
times of trouble, depression, and any time forgiveness was needed. But I'm just a messenger.  I give all of the credit, honor,
and glory to Jesus.  You can view me as your personal quarterback....handing you the football.  When you read this book, I promise that you will find several, if not ALL  
of the testaments "life-changing" for
you, your partner, your family and friends.

Check out what others are saying about The Ten Testaments!
"With my mom passing away recently, I am struggling...and this book has helped me on this journey tremendously."
"A book that I am looking for is a book that's going to challenge me, take me further than I am now, and The Ten Testaments does that!"
"It is simple enough that my eight-year old daughter can read and's a great reminder of where our focus should be."
What People Are Saying About
The Ten Testaments Book On...
"I am proud to recommend this book and believe that every church should make this part of their library and families should keep this book nearby as a wonderful inspiration."
Review By Richard Lipman
"This book transcends labels and can directly impact anyone who is open to learning about themselves and creating a better life!"
Review By Marielou Butcher Roth
"In his book, Scott Campbell reminds us that love is a verb, and that to be a Christian is to love always."
Review By Bess Saunders
"These are the Christian fundamentals
my parents raised our family with and their 62 year marriage is proof that they really work. The Ten Testaments, are Christ's "top-ten" most important points for us to live our best life."
Review By Andrea Wagner

"You don't have to be a seasoned small group leader to lead an effective discussion with The Ten Testaments.  I am totally new to small group study and I was able to lead our group to an awesome experience!"

Betty R.

"The Ten Testaments are short and to the point. We didn't have to commit to a lot of reading.  The open-ended discussion questions were simple and engaging for everyone!"

Tom G.

"I liked that we can go at our own pace.  You can complete the program in as few as five meetings, (two testaments per discussion) or 10 meetings (one testament per discussion)."

Susan H.

"The Ten Testaments, for me, brought the loftiness of the church teachings to a place where I can apply Jesus' words to everyday living.  Thank you."

Katie L.
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